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All you need to know about ICM Registry

Introduction to a World Leader in Top-Level Domain Service

Founded in 1999, ICM Registry has rapidly grown to become a world leader in top-level domain (TLD) service. Since the company was founded, Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry, has assembled a talented team of professionals, bringing a high-level of experience in the operation of a TLD.

With ICANN, the organization responsible for assigning domain name extensions around the world, ICM Registry provides an internationally recognized top-level domain (TLD). As of September 7, 2011, that TLD became available for registration via some of the largest registrars in the world.

As a TLD, we're proud to work with some of the biggest and most well known registrars in the world. Giving us a global presence, many companies and entrepreneurs are able to take advantage of the ICM Registry service to establish or broaden their brand online.

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