Premier TLD Product

ICM Registry, serving as the administrator of a top-level domain, has the responsibility to manage the registry and DNS and to provide excellent service to Internet communities around the world.

Setting the Standard for Stability, Security and Performance

As the demands of business operations become increasingly complex, ICM Registry is committed to meeting the needs of the Internet community by maintaining a state-of-the-art platform that offers registrants peace of mind and utilizes the highest standards in security and stability. The ICM Registry platform has been built on a proven track record of technological excellence, operational performance, product innovation and world-class customer service. ICM Registry's infrastructure was built to handle high transaction volumes, maximize uptime, and with our free malware scanning services, ensure registrants are secure against malicious attacks and other security threats. The ICM Registry global network is spread throughout the world and provides exceptional levels of redundancy and reliability. Upon that state-of-the-art platform, ICM Registry powers seamless resolution of domain names throughout the world.

Best Business Practices

At ICM Registry we have utilized internationally accepted practices in trademark and IP policy to ensure that trademark owner rights are protected every step of the way.

Additionally, all registrants agree to follow a set of best business practices that provide effective self-regulation, and in particular:

  • Safeguard children from being marketed or targeted online
  • Defend customer privacy
  • Oppose fraudulent, anonymous and unsolicited bulk SPAM
  • Combat the use of unlawful malicious codes and technologies (e.g., spoofing)
  • Ensure clear and accurate disclosures, security of transactions and contact information
  • Protect intellectual property rights

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